On average, 85% of appointments occur during weekdays

Start moving your customers to your off-peak times to keep your salon/spa staff busy, and revenue rising.

Finally, fill slow days.

The WebOpenings booking experience provides a static location that clients can navigate to and browse incentivized off peak appointments. Your typical slow times maintain a high level of visibility, reducing the amount of overall communication that needs to be performed to get them filled.

“Before WebOpenings we would just post on Facebook, “today only” deals. We would come into the spa and say, “gosh we only have a handful of treatment scheduled let’s pop something out”, which was difficult because available changes minute by minute. We did that quite often.” ~ Tammy, Zi Spa.

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Disclaimer: WebOpenings guarantees that it will generate at least $149 worth of appointment revenue in every month of service, or else you are entitled to a full refund. The guarantee is contingent upon:
A. Having the WebOpenings booking widget on your website within 1 week of signing up for the service.
B. Submitting an customer email database to WebOpenings with at least 2000 valid email addresses to be used for circulating appointment availability.