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What is WebOpenings?
WebOpenings is a marketplace which assists spas and salons sell their excess inventory at a discount to the consumer market.  In today’s economy, spas and salons are struggling to fill their appointments so WebOpenings will facilitate this process. 
How do I sign up as a business owner?
All you need to do is click here to enroll your business with WebOpenings.  Sign up is quick and easy and there is no cost.  For our how to in 8 Easy Steps, click here.
How will WebOpenings market its website to assist your business in selling your unused service inventory?
  • Complimentary email blasts will be deployed to your current client base with the ability for them to forward the email along to their friends/family/colleagues.
  • WebOpenings will provide your business with stickers to place on your front door as well as postcards promoting the website.
  • Your business will be provided with an extensive business profile for free and will maximize each page with meta tags which assists search engines in picking up your bsiness.
  • WebOpenings will be utilizing social media, facebook, twitter and linkedin to promote the website and your offers.
Does every business get approved to be a provider on WebOpenings?
No, WebOpenings is selective as to which businesses will be approved.  Once you fill out the form , you must be approved before you can start posting your service inventory.  You will receive a welcome email from WebOpenings for you to activate your account once approved.
Is there a fee to have a presence on WebOpenings?
There is no fee however, WebOpenings takes a small percentage of each transaction that occurs.  If any opening goes unbooked, WebOpenings doesn’t receive any percentage.
Why should my business use WebOpenings?
Think about all of your service openings that go unused each day.  This translates into less money in your pocket and less efficient use of your staff.  Bottom line, your business and your service providers are losing out on revenue.  WebOpenings is here to help turn your unused service inventory into booked appointments in a very easy to use way.
How do I post availabilities?

Once you are approved, an account will be created where you can easily post availabilities. To view our How To in 8 Easy Steps, click here. The staff at WebOpenings is always here to help. You can email us anytime at or call 646-736-1900.

Can I see the WebOpenings Privacy Policy and Customer User Agreement?
WebOpenings Privacy Policy can be found by clicking here. The User Agreement can be viewed by clicking here.